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Garbolino's next generation Distance feeder rods. Specifically designed by top feeder anglers Darren Cox and Rod Scott. The perfect tool for distance feeder fishing for bream, skimmers, roach and hybrids with conventional groundbait feeder tactics with sensible hook lengths. The upper part of the blank has a perfect blend of soft tip going into a powerful mid lower blank which creates the little bit of umph for distance casting. Due to the action and stiffer butt section these rods are also perfect for method fishing at distance for all sizes of carp, ideal for big carp waters like Boddington & Barston, or bream venues where wind plays a big part such as Ferry Meadows and most Irish lochs!  This comprenhensive rod range are available in 3 lengths 12, 13 & 14ft.  The 13ft version has a 1ft Extender piece which can be added mid-session to gain that extra distance with out re-tackling up. These rods with the correct set up & technique will easily achieve distances of over 100m